Life Style Change

I'm getting old, er, um, I mean older. Older. That's what I meant to say. I have noticed that I'm getting some lines around my eyes and a deep one in between them. This sucks.

I've also come to the conclusion that this weight that I keep carrying around isn't going anywhere unless I kick it out. This sucks.

I've decided to make a "life style change". I can't call it a diet, I cheat on diets, so it's a "life-style change". I need to health myself up. I was thinking about it and if I lose weight it'll drop my blood pressure and help with my stress level. Doing one thing will accomplish multiple items. WHO KNEW?????

So I ordered my Zumba Exhilarate (from zumbafitness.com) because it's the only form of exercise that I like. It doesn't feel like exercise, really, except that you get hot (YUK!!!) and sweaty (DOUBLE YUK!). I expect it to be at my house on Tuesday. I went to the grocery store and didn't buy any ice cream products what so ever. I skipped the sugary cereal and bought Special K and bananas to put on top. Last night I made enough salad to take some for lunch every day this week. I'm trying.

Wish me luck. My lack of will power has made the Guinness Book of World Records.

Have you made a life style change? How'd it go?

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