The Problem with Reading A Series. . .

A few months ago I Googled "if you like Janet Evanovich" and the name Stephanie Bond was revealed to me. Not only does she write romance but she also writes the mystery series Body Movers. Luckily for me, since I haven't had any time to actually pick up a book lately, the series is available in audio format. What a great series.

One of my favorite things about this series is that the books take place one right after the other. The first six books all take place within a two month period. IT'S SO AWESOME! Stephanie Plum has two sexy men in her life. Bobbie Faye has two sexy men in her life. Carlotta Wren has three, count them THREE sexy men in her life. There is one of them that I don't particularly care for, but I'm not going to discuss that here.

The problem with reading a series is that eventually you catch up. Eventually you're waiting for the next book release. The problem with reading this series? There isn't a next release date. According to the Stephanie Bond web page, Books 7 and 8 haven't been scheduled for a release date yet. Apparently her publisher is busy trying to sell the books for a TV pilot so has decided to leave all of us readers out in the cold. Very nice.

I have a problem with this for two reasons. You may or may not agree, but they're mine so you don't have to. First, Woman's Murder Club, the TV series. Anyone watch this series? No? That's cuz it SUCKED. ABC took a GREAT series of books and twisted it into a really awful television series. The damage that they could do to these fabulous Stephanie Bond books really worries me. Second, why are the readers being punished? If you missed it earlier in the blog, these books are consecutive. There is no time lapse of weeks or months in between these books. The end of the sixth book left us all hanging. Wondering what was going to happen next and we don't get to find out.

Having said all of that, these are amazing books. If you love Stephanie Plum, Bobbie Faye, witty dialogue and fabulous characters, these books are for you. Just read slowly.


  1. you know darn well, they are on my TO GET list ... hopefully, by the time I finish my TO BE READ pile, 7 & 8 will have been published ;)

  2. I'm hoping they'll be published before you finish your TBR pile. Isn't it kinda mountainish? ;)