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The way my summer has been going I'm working a ton of hours, hence the lack of blogging and LSM Mondays, so my reading time for hold it in your hand books has seriously diminished. I've been getting my book fix by listening to audio books and have discovered a lot of new to me authors thanks to my neighbor at work who also listens to audio books. I've enjoyed books by Lisa Kleypas (Blue Eyed Devil) who I have included all her titles in my TBR pile, Greg Iles (24 Hours) whose suspense is just amazing, and Mark Gimenez (The Abduction) who I am currently enjoying.

Here's the problem that I'm running into, not every author gets audio books. There are a lot of authors who have been recommended to me by all of you and other readers that are not available as audio books. Elisabeth Naughton, Tara Janzen, Lori Handeland, Anne Stuart (can you believe it?), Sarah Mayberry, Lori Foster, the list goes on and on of authors who are not available as audio books. What's a reader to do? Who do you think is in charge of making these decisions? I'd write to my congressman but I don't think he gets a say and I don't think he'd care.

I know a lot of you don't listen to audio books, but those of you who do, any recommendations of authors? I could always use a few more authors to read, er, listen to.

Happy Friday Eve my friends.

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